Winter Greetings!

I am filled with gratitude to look up at the winter sky from my studio and recollect the year behind me as one filled with good work, good friends and amazing witness. I am also looking ahead to a year filled with challenging projects, new plans and dreams to unpack.

Looking Back & Ahead…
For me, September now annually belongs to Ireland, and 2019 was no different. Teaching on Inisheer at the Féile na gCloch on InisOírr, out on the Aran Islands, wandering Dublin and finding Sanctuary in the the Wicklow Mountains. At the end of my journey I wandered through the landscape of the ancient monastic city of Glendalough, and totally unplugged in silence for a week. I stayed at a hermitage that is situated in a valley that is steeped in a sense of sacred space and reflection. The whole valley is like a holy well in which to drink from. I hiked, walked and ate in gentle silence. No texts. No phone. No email. I was reminded of the incredible power of silence and its ability to shake us, awake us, and hold us simultaneously. I reminded myself of processes like ‘writing with a pen’ and sketching in my journal, with a determination to saturate every page of the volume, which I did, claiming a certain sense of “chapterhood” to the journey. I am reflecting now on one of my sculptures from my earlier 2016 Ireland series, The Gothic Guardian, Protector of Creative Time and Space. It is so very important for all of us, no matter your calling, to craft space for the creative process. This includes writing, cooking, gardening, sharing creative thinking with friends and family. I’m remembering to cultivate a creative language around that which I love. It helps calm me in otherwise restless or uncertain times.  As a mention, The Limestone Guardian is still available; held in my personal collection should you wish to have a personal Guardian of your own, listed at $3200.00 and can be seen on my website under Available Works.

“Draw alongside the silence of stone until its calmness can claim you”
—John O’Donohue, from “A Blessing for the Exhausted”
Alexandra Morosco, Sculptor

Legacy Stones – Not limited to memorials!

As I continue to center into creating what I am truly most gifted in, I want to take this moment to share with collectors, friends and family my deepening concept of Legacy Stones. Celebrating life’s great moments and evoking memories is not sequestered to the tradition of marking a grave. Creating stories in stone in the format I have developed is a co-creative act that engages my clients and allows for a very unique creative process to tell a story, whether it is reflective of a life well lived, a celebration of a marriage or birth, or capturing a vocational or travel experience. Legacy Sculptures are about holding space for that which is most sacred to you and participating in an interactive experience that together creates the genius of a tangible, one of a kind, totally unique Story in Stone. It is a Legacy because the one who evokes it, holds it. inherits it. And it will continue to allow them to tell the story, every time the opportunity arises, and even silently upon it’s own. In regard to memorials: Memories are one of the only things that can escape death…. until they too can no longer be recollected by the living. Memorials in the context of honoring someone who has passed is about perpetually enlivening memories. These are such positive experiences for people, where the grief process truly becomes a creative journey, and therefore becomes life infused. I have witnessed miracles of the heart, and offer my hands and spirit within me to witness and work as a conduit for more stories to be told in stone. This has been a total conversion of my work as a sculptor where my creativity, deep listening and healing have truly been wed. Since Legacy Stone Sculptures are so distinct and carry over into commemorative and memorial trades, I am building a new website to focus on this work: please visit and share with friends and family that you think will appreciate the work, or may be seeking to co-create a work of their own.

Workshops in 2020

Seattle & Whidbey

Stone Carving Workshop with Master Tibetan Carver, 
Sampa Lhundup

Sampa came to Whidbey in 2018 and carved the beautiful details in wood of the Phagtsok Gedun Choling Temple recently completed and opened in Clinton in 2019. Meeting  Sampa was certainly one of my greatest gifts of 2019! We held a few workshops last year and plan to do more this winter at my studio as well as at Marenakos Rock Center in Issaquah to serve the wider Seattle audience and Northwest carvers. Sampa carves both stone and wood. I welcome him back to come and teach and carve. The Marenakos workshop will be February 8/9 (Saturday/Sunday) in conjunction with the Northwest Stone Sculptors winter gathering that Saturday evening. In preparation for Losar, Tibetan New Year, we will be carving an OM symbol or a Mani Stone, (Om Mani Padme Hung) or you can explore another image guided by Sampa and myself if you participated in last years workshop and want to try something new, such as a Tibetan Endless Knot. The Whidbey Workshop will be the weekend of February 22nd. Contact for more info & visit for details.



I am planning a June workshop that is open to maximum 6 participants that want to explore basic sketching, clay modeling (for scaled proportional enlargements and concept development) and carving at any level. This is a 3-Day Event, June 19-21, held at my studio on Whidbey. $425.00. includes daily snacks & lunch, clay, use of basic tools, instruction. Stone and tools for purchase are additional. Can’t make the June event? contact me for private studio carving and instruction time.

Féile na gCloch (Festival of Stone) in Ireland

This event is also afoot, which I am setting my sights on in advance, and is traditionally the 3rd weekend in September. Plan ahead and come to Ireland in 2020! Where we focus on lettering, relief and small scale carvings that allow for you to hone your skills on details! Other techniques of rough out can be explored in a group project, or create something small enough to be tucked into a suitcase or shipped with ease. This will be co-taught with Tracy Mahaffey (Rhode Island) and Lettering with Ireland’s own beloved Tom Little. Of course for those who want to build walls- The Dry Stone walling training is some of the best you will find in the world. It is a brilliant landscape for knowledge, love of the craft, and Irish wit and humor to merge!
Participant, Fachtna Shortts exploring letter carving, political statements and wry Irish wit …

Re-Awakening Morosco Fine Art Editions in BRONZE!!

I have had several recent inquiries about my works in bronze and a few stone pieces that have been molded & are ready for casting that have been sleeping in the studio, awaiting a new beginning. So, the Phoenix rises and I am excited to have several bronze pieces back in production, including my very favorite personal work, “Nurturing the Raven”. It is now available again, limited to an edition of ten, (only 6 remain available) listing price is $6200.00.
I am also making available a new Edamame seed pod series in bronze of smaller table top works, 6″-12” in height. Perfect for smaller intimate spaces. Large 6′ works might not fit a more intimate interior space, but collectors can still have a Micro-Morosco!  My seed pod/edamame series has been consistently loved by colleagues & collectors and I never tire from exploring the theme, just as nature never seems to tire, leaving all who pause in awe of her symmetry, sensuality and exquisite design that comes when form follows function.

In closing, I usher in 2020 with enthusiasm for new legacy projects, sharing my knowledge through teaching and workshops, and new professional endeavors to sustain my vision of a home and studio that supports family, friends, and visiting students in a creative, fulfilling crucible.
From my hands & heart,


As I walked the remote village streets of the medieval town Sortelha, Portugal this fall, I caught my own shadow against the ancient walls and heard a clear inner voice remind me: We are all passing shadows, here in this moment, just once. Enjoy the journey…it is precious.

The Artist’s Story

Alex-InisOirr2013-600pxPredominantly working with the human figure as an allegorical vessel, Morosco works on both large scale and smaller personal pieces. Her works could be described as visceral storytelling. She works predominantly in stone, bronze and mixed media when bidden by the project.
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