The Bread, The Blood & The Bones

The Bread, The Blood & The Bones…

Pipestone formed 1.75 billion years ago when mud layers were buried within the earth, under conditions of temperature and pressure that were very different from those at the surface. I see this as a metaphor for the times we are living in. There are core changes evolving within us, as a nation and world, but the time and process they take may feel like they are working in geological time. Meanwhile, the earth and her inhabitants weep.

When Pipestone was ‘born’ The original minerals were unstable in their new environment, and their chemical components recombined to form new minerals, that were stronger and more stable. I ask myself; how can I tap into that epic form of re-creation? How can I make my environment more stable through collecting my energy, recombining my own interior mineral components and re-imagine myself?

Pipestone is most commonly known for the capacity of heat absorption and allowing for peace-making through stabilization. Ceremonial peace pipes have been carved for thousands of years by native peoples of the America’s and beads were made that served as precious valued items. Peace pipes from pipestone are considered most sacred, and revered by all who hold them. To unearth a piece of pipestone of this size is both rare and exceptional. This is Utah Catlinite, quarried on private land.

The Bread, The Blood and The Bones was carved in 2006; however, I feel her message is more poignant today than ever. I also reflect that with some certainty, she is one of the most powerful works I have created to date, and that she would be a precious find to the discerning collector. Inquire about purchase. It is time for her to tell her story.