Gravestones and Memorials

Remembrance through Storytelling & Deep Listening …

The commemorative arts (monuments) have historically been sequestered off into a finite corner of the trade, often realized in conventional templates that do not speak to the soul, or of the soul we are celebrating. As a sculptor, I am a three-dimensional story-teller. My gift lies in deep listening and then translating this information into matter; bringing delivered stories to life in stone, bronze or other mediums. Creating a one-of-a-kind, custom memorial together with family or loved ones honors the grieving process and imparts true healing.

Creating a memorial is celebration of the people, animals and moments we have shared in this life. A commemorative sculpture can be designed for a private home or garden, a public environment or a traditional cemetery. I have witnessed great healing, extraordinary passion and cyclical closure through this work of honoring loved ones through story telling and deep listening. It is the place where my vocation and avocation truly meet. Please visit the commission process page to start a personal conversation with the artist.

Seioghe memorialCaomhán Seoighe Memorial commissioned by the Irish Defence Forces, in collaboration with his surviving family. The memorial was completed in April 2015 on Inis Oírr Island, Ireland from native stone. The memorial honors Caomhán Seoighe, a local from Inis Oírr, who was captured and tragically never returned from his term of service while on a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon in 1981. Letter carving by Tom Little, Cork, Ireland. Read more about the media coverage on this story, including the dedication of the memorial, here.

IMG_1322 Tom Little carving Caomhan Seoighe memorial

The Fisherman’s Memorial, An Chloch (The Stone) was created to honor fishermen lost at sea, and all those the sea has taken, especially those never found who could not be buried in the traditional cemetery. The place is the North Atlantic, County Galway, Aran Islands, Ireland. This work was a volunteer, community supported project that was privately envisioned by the O’Conghaile family, led by Padrig O’Conghaile, propriator of Tigh Ned’s and local fishermen. The work was designed and carved by Alexandra Morosco, lettering by Karin Sprague, of Rhode Island in 2013.

An Chloch - The Stone

An Chloch (The Stone) Inis Oírr, Ireland ^
An Chloch, detail >

Watch video of the entire project here.

An Cloch - the boat detail

The Quarrier at Champlain Stone

The Quarrier, Champlain Stone, Warrensburg, New York. 2005.  A larger than lifesize scale bronze created to honor the quarry-men of Champlain Stone, as well as all of those worldwide who have dedicated themselves to the immense hard work of quarrying to create the stones that build our cities, churches and homes. Editions of the Quarrier are available for stone quarries, cities and municipalities whose livelihood has depended on the production of natural building stone. price upon inquiry.

Student Veterans Monument, University of Washington, Bothell Campus. Cascadian Granite, single carved boulder of to-scale American Flag.

This monument was created to honor and support U.S. Veterans returning to the University to further their education and careers after serving in the armed forces overseas. Conceived and funded by the U.W. Student Veteran’s Association. 2014.