The Commission Process

The collaborative process of creating a work together can be a most inspiring, creative and challenging process; bringing the artist to a creative edge. It is communication at its richest and holds the potential  for a very exciting personal journey for the client. Through the commissioning process, the artist and client meet in conversation and deep listening. The artist then brings forth the image that is evoked from the conversation. Commissioned works are acts of trust and pilgrimage for both artist and patron. The Path:


Client Consultation.JPGAn initial conversation begins our journey together. We will briefly explore the general parameters of your project, which may allow for a preliminary estimate. There is no fee for this initial inquiry. This can be done in person (if local), email or telephone. Subsequent consultations and meetings are billed for hourly. A site visit may be needed to make a formal estimate, in which expenses are discussed and agreed upon at that time.


Design by Alexandra.jpgAt this stage, we create the initial design and refine a concept, through concept development, drawings, or computer imaging necessary to move into production. Design fees begin to be charged; if the project is halted, then the design investment is retained for the exchange of time and dedication by the artist. Location, scale, project and material requirements and expectations are finalized and a final budget is established. Once a final design is agreed upon, an estimated project timeline and payment schedule is determined.


Production & Install.jpgA final agreement is drafted for review, as well as insurance, copyright and edition information to protect both the collector and the artist. 30%-50% installment is required to go into production. This installment goes toward elements like creating a  maquette or model making, sourcing stone or committing to a foundry. Digital photos, meetings or studio visits are shared throughout the project’s development to keep close in touch with the commissioning party.


Project Completion.jpgCongratulations ~ You are now a fine art owner! Upon completion and approval by client, the piece is carefully packaged and shipped. Final payments are due before the piece is shipped, or for projects built on-site, upon completion at the site.