People are often surprised how easy it all is… Your job is to fall in love- our job is to get it there!

Stone, on average, weighs 175 lbs/cu.ft. So a 12″x 12″x 12″= 150-200 lbs. Shipments under 150 lbs can arrive to you by UPS (this is a very small sculpture). Shipments over 150 lbs are shipped via common carrier or delivered to you through a personal delivery service. Trucks are met directly by the artist, whenever possible.

Most works are created at the artist’s studio and may be shipped FOB Whidbey Island, or through Marenakos Rock Center in Issaquah, Washington – a stone commerce hub. Working together with Marenakos Rock Center, competitive rates are acquired to get projects safely and securely delivered in a timely and economical way.

All freight, trucking & handling expenses are additional to the cost of a sculpture unless otherwise agreed upon.

Shipping prices are quoted upon request, as there are no two situations alike.