Evoking Ireland | a sculptural pilgrimage

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Alexandra shares her stories of Ireland and how her experiences have shaped her current and developing series of sculpture. Inspired works in stone, bronze and mixed media continue to come into being through the timeless lens of Alexandra’s sculptural pursuit. Completed works are currently able to be viewed and purchased online, directly through Morosco Fine Arts, while new works are in process and will be exhibited at venues both in the US and Ireland. Dates and locations for 2017/18 are pending at this time. 

The Artist’s voice on The Spirit of Ireland…

Ireland~ especially the West Country~ speaks to me in profound ways.  Since young adulthood I have experienced a palatable longing for the beautiful and fierce land and the people it holds; a people who contain the same fierceness and endurance of the landscape balanced by an inherently gentle countenance. 

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The People of Ireland

My journey has been deepened through extensive work with stone wall builders, farmers and fisherman that have shared with me their true Ireland; the Ireland I had been searching for, my ancient internal home.  No doubt, this longing was seeded by my maternal inheritance.

The Story of ‘An Chloch’ : A Fisherman’s Memorial


Alexandra created this piece, working with locals on Inis Oirr, Aran, County Galway, in the North Atlantic through a volunteer,community supported project. “An Chloch” means, The Stone, and is a place of remembrance and reverence for all  those the sea has taken.

The Place of Ireland

I turn to mediums that speak of the landscape; stone, metal, lime plasters, fiber. Less tangible are water, wind, and sky, which are part of my visual vocabulary as inherent elements of the west of Ireland. The voice of the Celtic landscape is heard through music, poetry, prayer, work, blessings, and iconic design. My challenge is to bring these to visceral story-telling mediums, such as stone.

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Available Works From Evoking Ireland Series