A Stony Pilgrimage

A Stony Pilgrimage…

My journey into the Irish landscape, which includes her people, and spirit of the place could quite possibly be best told through the voice of my boots, affectionately referred to as “The Narrators”.  They are made in America, as am I, and they cannot name What is Ireland –just as I cannot. They can only narrate what they have witnessed, and what Ireland evokes in me.

My understanding of Ireland has matured through both walking and working. I am grateful to know Ireland through my work in the world; Teaching stone carving on the Aran Islands, working with local artisans and wall builders and creating custom memorials for those who have passed. Farmers and fisherman, poets and peddlers, friends and family have all shared with me their true Ireland; the Ireland I have always felt akin to and long for when apart. I have developed a palatable longing for the beautiful and fierce land and the people it holds when I am away; a people who contain the same fierceness and endurance of the landscape balanced by an inherently gentle countenance. No doubt, this longing was seeded by my own maternal inheritance (The Fitzpatrick’s).

I turn to mediums that speak of the landscape; stone, bronze, plaster, fiber. Less tangible to relay are water, wind, and sky, which are part of my visual vocabulary as inherent elements of Ireland. The voice of the Celtic Landscape is heard through music, poetry, prayer, hard work, sorrow, humor, blessing, and iconic design. I hope to imbue each piece with some element of these, honoring the Irish Landscape, and all she evokes in me.

The Evoking Ireland series continues to evolve, so if you can’t get over the pond for a pint this St.Patrick’s Day and have a love for Ireland, visit available works or watch the video on the Fisherman’s memorial on my website for some good music and Irish Eye-candy from a collection of recent trips and projects!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!
Alexandra Morosco,